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"Is not the object of every Revelation to effect a transformation in the whole character of mankind, a transformation that shall manifest itself, both outwardly and inwardly, that shall affect both its inner life and external conditions?"


Bahá’í World News Service
The Bahá’í World News Service reports on current Bahá’í activity around the world.

Youth Conferences

Message from The Universal House of Justice, the international governing council of the Baha’i’s,addressed to the 114 Youth Conferences throughout the World, dated 1 July 2013.


The Baha'i House of Worship of India

The Baha'i House of Worship in New Delhi, which is considered as India’s symbol of communal harmony by the Government of India, was dedicated to the people of India and all humanity in December 1986.


National News of the Baha'is of India

Film on education and love inspires audiences around the world

New Delhi, 6 January 2017, (Source: BWNS) — A movie about a brother and sister in a rural village in the heart of Africa is demonstrating the power of film to contribute to constructive social change and stimulate meaningful conversations.

Mercy’s Blessing, written and directed by May Taherzadeh, is a moving and profound exploration of the connection between love and sacrifice in the midst of social injustice. It has received widespread acclaim and, since 2015, has already won ten international film awards.


Courageous cleric divides painting, promotes unity

3 November 2016, (Source: BWNS) — In recent years, individuals and groups from within and outside of Iran have raised the call for justice, human rights, and a culture of inclusion in the country. Though more and more voices are joining this chorus, it is still rare to see any vocal support from among Iran’s ecclesiastical class. On occasions when a clerical figure in Iran does speak out in support of the rights of citizens and minorities, it can inspire hope in countless hearts. Against this backdrop, Ayatollah Abdol-Hamid Masoumi-Tehrani, a high-ranking religious cleric in Iran who is also a calligrapher and artist, has stood out for his public dedication to unity. His contributions to social harmony in Iran have drawn attention and acclaim in many parts of the world.


A Baha’i is killed in Iran, a victim of religious hatred

Mr. Farhang Amiri

New Delhi-27 October 2016 (Source: Baha’i World News Service) – In an appalling act of violence, a Baha’i has been stabbed to death by two men who admitted they attacked him because of his religious beliefs.

Farhang Amiri, 63, was murdered outside his home on 26 September 2016 in the city of Yazd, Iran, where he and his family have long resided.New Delhi (Source: Baha’i World News Service) – In an appalling act of violence, a Baha’i has been stabbed to death by two men who admitted they attacked him because of his religious beliefs.

On the evening of 25 September, two young men came to the residence of Mr. Amiri, asking to purchase his van. As he was not home, his son indicated that he was not aware that his father wished to sell the vehicle. The two men, however, insisted. When he asked for their contact information, they made excuses and left.

The following evening, the same two individuals returned and met with Mr. Amiri himself outside his residence. Soon after, Mr. Amiri was heard screaming. A family member, who was then joined by several other people, found him severely injured with multiple stab wounds in the chest.


Accordion Youth Orchestra - Germany


Public Lecture by Mr. Erik Solheim on "Faith and Environment" at the Auditorium of the Baha'i House of Worship

On the occasion of the official visit of Mr. Erik Solheim, Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme to India, the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of India organized a Public Lecture at the auditorium of the Baha’i House of Worship in the evening of 5th October 2016 , where more than hundred people attended.  Members of audience were diplomatic corps, representatives of civil society groups and faith-based organizations, academics, students and journalists. 

 Mr. Erik Solheim  Speaking on the subject “Faith and Environment”, Mr. Solheim began his talk by saying, that the Baha’i House of Worship is one of the most beautiful expressions of the Faith. Appreciating the diversity in India, he said, “India is a miracle, because no country is as diverse as India. It has more religions and languages than any other country and making all different religions come together and respect one another is a miracle”.

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