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"Is not the object of every Revelation to effect a transformation in the whole character of mankind, a transformation that shall manifest itself, both outwardly and inwardly, that shall affect both its inner life and external conditions?"


Youth Conferences

Message from The Universal House of Justice, the international governing council of the Baha’i’s,addressed to the 114 Youth Conferences throughout the World, dated 1 July 2013.


The Baha'i House of Worship of India

The Baha'i House of Worship in New Delhi, which is considered as India’s symbol of communal harmony by the Government of India, was dedicated to the people of India and all humanity in December 1986.


Socio Economic Development Projects

Initiatives in the field of Education by the Baha'is of India

"Through education the ignorant become learned; the cowardly become valiant. Through cultivation the crooked branch becomes straight; the acid, bitter fruit of the mountains and woods becomes sweet and delicious; and the five-petaled flower becomes hundred-petaled. Through education savage nations become civilized, and even the animals become domesticated. Education must be considered as most important, for as diseases in the world of bodies are extremely contagious, so, in the same way, qualities of spirit and heart are extremely contagious. Education has a universal influence, and the differences caused by it are very great."


Baha'is of India | Education | Social Action

1 Barli Development Institute for Rural Women
2 Baha'i Academy
3 Baha'i School, Saramsa, Sikkim
4 Baha'i Secondary School, Tadong, Sikkim
5 Mona School
6 New Era High School
7 New Era Teacher Training Centre
8 Rabbani School
9 Ruhiyyih School